Precancel stamp society of Great Britain

Annual postal auction of precancelled stamps, ephemera and other philatelic material. Auction will be held on the 17th march 2024. Bids should be with the auctioneer no later than the 16th march 2024.

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Lot.Town/StateNoteCat. PriceRes. PriceSelectBid
1Searcy AR455 on 5c p11 Heavy impression pc £15.00£8.00
2Colma CA701 on 1c p11x10.5 £40.00£20.00
3Orange CA631 on 1932 3c LA Games Superb copy £20.00£12.00
4Wallingford CT633 on 50c p11x10.5 Slightly off centre £50.00£26.00
5Yalesville CTL-1HS on 1c Prexie Some blunt perfs£100.00£15.00
6Wash DCL-5HS on 5c 1931 PD£60.00£30.00
7St Andrew FL633 on 2c Steuben Little off centre£30.00£16.00
8Glenwood IL712 on 2c defense£10.00£6.00
9Hamlin IA490 down on 1½c Liberty Slight off-centre£100.00£55.00
10Mount Ayr IA622 on 1917 1c due£25.00£14.00
11Hanover KS631 on 5c 'Kans' o'print£15.00£8.00
12Hanover KS631 on 7c 'Kans' o'print Faint impression£15.00£4.00
13Ottawa KS631 on 1c Bicent Has crease£15.00£2.00
14East Brownfield ME714 on 1c Defense£30.00£16.00
15Yarmouth ME466 on 5c p11x10.5 £10.00£6.00
16Boston MAL-7E on 50c Parcel Post Superb copy£25.00£12.50
17Hyde Park MAL-1HS reads down_ on 10c p12 W/F Faded£3.00£1.50
18North Adams MAL-1HS on 1c p12 W/F£15.00£8.00
19Northampton MAL-3TS on 1c 1898£10.00£6.00
20Springfield MABuro Exp 3c Has crease and slight tear£400.00£160.00
21Springfield MABuro Exp 15c Missing perfs£200.00£100.00
22Springfield MABuro Exp 20c Creased£150.00£16.00
23Springfield MAL-2E on 15c Wash/Frank£0.75£0.50
24South Vernon MA807 on 2½c Liberty£10.00£6.00
25Westfield MAL-2HS on 1c Wash/Frank£15.00£7.50
26Myersville MD734 on 1c Prexie£10.00£6.00
27Carrolton MI482 on 1c Bicent Double£50.00£22.00
28Saint Joseph MIL-6HS on 1c Wash/Frank£10.00£6.00
29Minneapolis MNL-4 on 1904 3c Monroe£75.00£14.00
30Beatrice NEL-2HS on 1931 3c due Nice stamp! £5.00£2.50
31College View NE486 on 1923 1c coil£25.00£14.00
32Omaha NE1282-71 Buro4c Prom Amer' £15.00£8.00
33Charlestown NH578 on 1926 1c Split precancel£50.00£22.00
34Franklin NHL-1HS on 4c Bicent£5.00£2.00
35Franklin NHL-1HS on 10c Bicent£5.00£2.00
36Hanover NHL-1HS on 1915 2c San Fran Superb Stamp! £10.00£6.00
37Laconia NHL-4TS on 1926 1½c Small scratch on front£20.00£6.00
38Laconia NHL-4TS on 1926 4c£20.00£12.00
39Manchester NHL-1HS on 1c p12 Wash/Frank£7.50£4.25
40Manchester NHL-2TS on 3c p11 Wash/Frank£10.00£6.00
41Salmon Falls NH734 on 1c Prexie£7.50£4.25
42South Acworth NH723 on 1/2c Prexie£25.00£14.00
43West Stewartstown NH707 on 3c Defence£5.00£2.50
44Ashbury Park NJ485 on 1c p10 Wash/Frank Poor perfs£25.00£7.50
45Bloomfield NJ458 on 1c p11 Wash/Frank£15.00£8.00
46Englewood NJ632 on 1926 1c centred low£5.00£2.00
47Newark NJ1282-71 Buro 4c Prom Am£8.00£4.75
48Vineland NJ632 on 1926 1c£7.50£4.75
49Honeoye Falls NY633 on 1926 1c£20.00£12.00
50New Hamburg NY633 on 1926 20c Few blunt perfs£15.00£7.50
51High Point NC804-71 1938 1c Prexie£15.00£7.50
52Naples NC490 inv on 1926 2c Split precancel£90.00£12.00
53Bridgeport OH577 on 1923 p10 1½c Blunt perfs £150.00£26.00
54Cleveland OH1510-81 10c JMem£25.00£13.00
55Cuyahoga Falls OH843 on 2c Americana'Oui' spelling£10.00£5.50
56Birdsboro PA632 on 1926 5c£40.00£20.00
57Coatesville PA553 on 1922 8c Very blurred! £150.00£20.00
58Harrisburg PA632 on 1/2c Prexie£25.00£12.00
59Harrisburg PAL-10 M on 6c Prom Am£25.00£12.00
60Kane PA455 on p11 1 ½ c perf missing£20.00£9.00
61Knox PAL-5HS Inv On 2c Black Harding£25.00£12.50
62Leechburg PA608 on 1926 4c£40.00£18.00
63Mahanoy City PA492 5 on 1926 1c£40.00£18.00
64Mansfield PA482 on 1926 1c Blunt corner£20.00£9.00
65McKeesport PAL-1TS on 9c Wash/Frank£7.50£3.50
66Meshoppen PA704 on 1c Bicent£20.00£10.00
67Narberth PA703 on 2c Liberty£30.00£16.00
68Narberth PAL-3HS on 1c Prexie£10.00£5.00
69Philadelphia PAL-37IHS on 1 ½ c Prexie£2.00£0.75
70Pine Grove Mills PA736 on ½ c Prexie£1.00£0.25
71Henryville PA723 on 1c Prexie Faint impression£25.00£2.50
72Pittston PS703 on 1c Prexie£1.50£0.50
73Porters Sideling PA736 on 1c Liberty£10.00£5.00
74Punxsutawney PA473 on 4c Taft£30.00£16.00
75Mercersburg PA471 on 2c Bicent£7.50£3.50
76State College PA517 on p11 1c Wash/Frank PC Split £5.00£1.50
77Stowe PAL-1HS on 1926 15c£10.00£5.00
78Waynesboro PA577 on 5c Ericsson£5.00£0.75
79Johnson City TN805-71 Buro 1 ½ c Prexie£8.00£4.00
80Dallas TX825-61 Buro 20c Prexie£7.00£3.25
81Mont Belvieu TX841 'iew' error on 1c Prom Amer£50.00£25.00
82Port Arthur TX471 on p11 20c PC reads up£10.00£5.00
83Richmond VAL-5M on p11 11c Wash/Frank PC Blurred£25.00£12.00
84Wheeling WV582-43 Buro£17.50£6.00
85Porterfield WI633 on 1932 'Arbour Day' £60.00£30.00
86Playing CardRF23-14 'A|W|G|' £5.00£2.50
87Playing CardRF20-12 'C|P|C|' £2.50£1.00
88Playing CardRF23-14 'G|A|CO|' £2.50£1.00
89Playing CardRF20-11 'NASCO' £15.00£7.50
90Playing CardRF20-11 'NASCO' £15.00£7.50
91Playing CardRF23-16 'R|P|C|CO|' Red ink£3.00£1.50
92Playing CardRF23-16 'R|P|C|CO|' Black ink£12.50£6.00
93Playing CardRF20-13 'R|P|C|CO|' £8.00£4.00
94Playing CardRF20-12 'S|P|C|CO|' £5.00£2.50
95Playing CardRF20-12 'U|S|P|C|CO|' £0.50£0.20
96Playing CardRF23-17 'U|S|P|C|CO|' £17.50£7.50
97Batavia IL582-42 Buro 1½ c Cond - dtmc £25.00£10.00
98Kokomo IN582-42 Buro 1½ c£80.00£35.00
99New Orleans LA462-32 1c Buro Exp£8.00£4.00
100New Orleans LAJ60-32 2c Buro Exp Cond - dc£25.00£10.00
101Augusta ME462-31 1c Buro Exp Cond - dc£17.50£6.00
102Springfield MA462-33 1c Buro Exp£8.00£4.00
103Springfield MA463-33 2c Buro Exp Cond - poor perfs£22.50£8.00
104Springfield MA476-33 20c Buro Exp Cond - dt£150.00£60.00
105Lansing MI632-42 Buro 1c Cond - dt/dc|** £40.00£20.00
106Liberty MO597-42 Buro 1c coil Cond - perfs cut|** £60.00£30.00
107Fulton NY598-42 Buro 1½ c coil Cond - dt£25.00£10.00
108Tonawanda NY632-45 Buro 1c Cond - dc|** £25.00£11.00
109Tonawanda NY582-43 Buro 1½ c Cond - dc£40.00£15.00
110Tonawanda NY582-43 Buro 1½ c Cond - dt£40.00£16.00
111Tonawanda NY598-43 Buro 1½ c coil Cond - near dc£150.00£60.00
112Columbus OH634-43 Buro 2c Cond - dt|** £20.00£10.00
113Sheboygan WI599-43 Buro 2c coil Cond - LHS no perfs|** £125.00£50.00
114Deer AR841 with 'Alix' misprint in pair with normal 2c Am£20.00£10.00
115Deer ARSimilar lot on 6c Eisenhower£20.00£10.00
116Oakland CAL-19 on 1$ Prexie Dated copy£5.00£3.00
117Orange CA631 on 3c Stuart£20.00£10.00
118Westmorland CA704 on 1cPrexie£25.00£12.50
119Manchester CT471 on ½ c Bicent£5.00£2.50
120Pequabuck CT632 double on 1926 2c£7.50£4.00
121Waterbury CTL-1 on 4c 1908 W/F£10.00£5.00
122Middletown DEL-1 on complete Nat Parks set-10£20.00£10.00
123Middletown DEL-1 on complete Nat Parks set-10£20.00£10.00
124Miami FL271 on 2c Frank L Wright£3.00£1.50
125Saint Andrew FL633 on 1926 1½ c£30.00£15.00
126Saint Andrew FL633 on 1926 1c_ coloured ink£30.00£17.00
127Chicago ILL-25 on 1926 2c£5.00£2.50
128McLeansboro IL633 on 1922 20c_ PC reads down£10.00£5.00
129Warsaw IN631 on 1926 20c PC inverted£7.50£3.50
130Minburn IA729 on ½ c Prexie£15.00£7.50
131Searsboro IA729 on ½ c Prexie UMM £5.00£3.00
132Hanover KS631 on 1c Bicent£15.00£7.00
133Hanover KS631 on 1926 1c£15.00£7.50
134Ottawa KS631 on 1c Bicent£15.00£7.50
135Pittsburg KS632 on 1926 3c£7.50£3.75
136Bailey Island ME853 on 1c Americana£25.00£12.50
137Bailey Island ME853 on 1959 1c Postage Due£25.00£12.50
138Rockville MD853 on 2c Liberty£25.00£12.50
139Rockville MD853 on 2c Liberty£25.00£12.50
140Boston MAL-28 on 1c Liberty£4.00£2.00
141Foxboro MAL-2 on 2c 1912 W/F£10.00£4.50
142Marlboro MA819 on 1¼ c Liberty£25.00£12.50
143Peabody MA631 on 1926 5c £15.00£7.50
144Livingston MA896 on 2c Stravinsky£5.00£2.50
145Howells NE802 on 2c Liberty£5.00£2.50
146East Weare NHL-1 on 1½ c Liberty£4.00£2.00
147East Weare NHL-1 on ½ c Liberty Double invert£4.00£2.50
148Franklin NHL-1 on 1926 10c£5.00£2.00
149Hanover NHL-1 on 2c W/F£10.00£4.50
150Sandwich NHL-2 on 1c Liberty£7.50£3.75
151Englewood NJ632 on 4c Taft£5.00£2.50
152Montclair NJL-1 on 1c W/F_ cut perfs£7.50£3.00
153Perth Amboy NJL-1 on 1c Americana£10.00£5.00
154Perth Amboy NJL-1 on 1c Americana£10.00£5.00
155Riverton NJL-1 on 10c Parcel Post£10.00£5.00
156Vineland NJ632 on 1926 ½c£7.50£3.75
157Centereach NYL-2 on 1c Prom American£4.00£2.00
158Port Henry NY482 on 1/2 c 1917 Postage Due£10.00£5.00
159Durham NC559 on 1926 1/2c£5.00£2.50
160Lenoir NCL-1 on 1926 30c_ PC reads down£7.50£3.00
161Pleasant Garden NCL-1 on 1c Prexie£5.00£2.50
162North Powder OR841 'Power' error on 2c PrAm UMM £4.00£2.00
163Bath PA728 on 1½ c Prexie£4.00£2.00
164Hanover PA563 on 1923 P10 10c£20.00£10.00
165Harrisburg PAL-12 on 1c Livingston£5.00£2.50
166New Brighton PA257 on 1c Prexie£15.00£7.50
167North Girard PA471 0n ½ c Prexie PC split and double£7.50£3.75
168Philadelphia PAL-23 on 1922 5c£20.00£7.50
169Pittsburgh PAL-8 on $1 Prexie Corner crease TRH£30.00£10.00
170Ridley Park PA471 on 1c Bicent Very faint£25.00£8.00
171Rothsville PA734 on 1c Prexie£20.00£10.00
172South Langhorne PA734 on 1926 1c Cut perfs£20.00£8.00
173Universal PA734 on 2c Prexie£30.00£15.00
174Vintage PA721 on 1c Prexie£25.00£8.00
175Wesleyville PA722 on 1926 10c Repairs to top section£10.00£3.50
176Whitemarsh PA734 on 1c Prexie£20.00£10.00
177Oak Lawn RI729 on 1c Prexie£20.00£10.00
178Lynchburg TNL-1 on 35c Prom Am Pair with one creased and one hard to read£100.00£25.00
179Huntsville TX482 on 1926 ½ c£15.00£6.00
180Milford UT821 on 4c Liberty£20.00£10.00
181Saint Albans Bay VT848 on 2c Prom Am£50.00£25.00
182Saint Brides Bay VA807 on1¼ c Liberty PC reads down£20.00£10.00
183Edmonds WA492 on 1930 ½ c Postage Due£10.00£5.00
184Cody WY835 on 3c Great Americans£3.00£1.50

All done with singles (I think!) Collections and accumulations next

Lot.Town/StateNoteCat. PriceRes. PriceSelectBid
185BirdsPrecancels on the small bird stamps 29 all diffrs -£3.00
186Americana/Liberty Bell coils130 all diff precancels-£12.00
187Liberty Issues11 sheets with 910 precancels Grouped in ½c 1c 2c etc order | Little or no duplication on sheets-£45.00
188DLE'sSmall lot of 9 packets of Liberty issues 52 stamps-£5.00
189DLE'sOn 1920's reg' issues ½c to $ all dif' in 24 glassine packets 763 in total-£45.00
190War/Defence/freedom Issues4 cards of 440 all different precancels-£20.00

The following state lots are from a T&T collection not accessed for over 20 years There is a little duplication_ some type runs_ and some Buros in places Nothing has been taken out Totals listed are +/- my

Lot.Town/StateNoteCat. PriceRes. PriceSelectBid
191Alaska142 T&T on card-£4.00
192Alabama564 T&T on Hagners-£16.00
193Arkansas223 T&T on cards-£6.00
194Arizona168 T&T on cards-£4.00
195California2028 T&T on Hagners-£60.00
196Colorado305 T&T on cards-£8.00
197Connecticut681 T&T on Hagners-£18.00
198Wash DC45 T&T on card-£1.50
199Delaware67 T&T on cards-£1.75
200Florida646 T&T on Hagners-£18.00
201Georgia667 T&T on Hagners-£18.00
202Hawaii108 T&T on cards-£6.00
203Idaho94 T&T on cards-£2.00
204Illinois1820+ T&T with dated Buros On Hagners-£45.00
205Indiana632 T&T On Hagners-£18.00
206Iowa921 T&T on Hagners-£24.00
207Kansas700 T&T on Hagners-£21.00
208Kentucky306 T&T on cards-£8.00
209Louisiana299 T&T on cards-£7.50
210Massachusetts1002 T&T on cards-£28.00
211Maryland259 T&T on cards-£6.50
212Maine349 T&T on cards-£8.00
213Michigan707 T&T on cards-£20.00
214Minnesota660 T&T on cards-£18.00
215Missouri821 T&T on cards-£24.00
216Mississippi211 T&T on cards-£6.00
217Montana137 T&T on cards-£2.00
218North Carolina233 T&T on cards-£5.00
219North Dakota161 T&T on cards-£2.50
220Nebraska223 T&T on cards-£6.00
221New Hampshire94 T&T on card-£1.50
222New Jersey419 T&T on cards-£12.50
223Nevada23+few NM T&T on card-£0.50
224New York2600+ T&T on Hagners Duplication noted-£65.00
225Ohio1744 T&T on Hagners Duplication-£40.00
226Oklahoma201 T&T on cards-£5.00
227Oregon216 T&T on cards-£5.00
228Pennsylvania1372+ T&T on Hagners Duplication-£30.00
229Rhode Island146 T&T on cards-£4.00
230South Carolina185 T&T on card-£4.50
231South Dakota199 T&T on card-£4.50
232Tennessee244 T&T on cards-£6.00
233Territories20 T&T on card-£1.00
234Texas806 T&T on Hagners-£23.00
235Utah110 T&T on card-£2.50
236Vermont171 T&T on card-£4.00
237Virginia274 T&T on cards-£8.00
238Washington302 T&T on cards-£9.00
239West Virginia209 T&T on card-£4.50
240Wisconsin882 T&T on Hagners-£25.00
241Wyoming70 T&T on card-£1.75
Lot.Town/StateNoteCat. PriceRes. PriceSelectBid
242Bureaus2059 different_ from AL to Buffalo NY In glassine Blocks and pairs not in count-£50.00
243DLE'sCollection of 3181 mounted in homemade album|Great for expansion! Under 2kg-£95.00
244Bureaus3000+ different in state order in stockbook -£85.00
245Bureaus3000+ different in state order in stockbook-£85.00
246BureausMore than 1500 different in 8 uncirculated club books. Reserved to sell at 3p per stamp-£45.00
247BureausMore than 500 different_ some better values. Nice clean lot-£12.00
248Local T&TMore than 460 different_ nice clean lot - Good mix of states|-£12.50
249Local T&TMore than 440 different_ nice clean lot - Good mix of states|-£12.00
250Local T&TMore than 440 different_ nice clean lot - Good mix of states|-£12.00
251Local T&TMore than 400 different_ nice clean lot - Good mix of states|-£11.00
252New Jersey T&T Collection. Approx 2300 stamps on 105 Hagner pages in two Prinz binders. With all relevant style charts_ town_ and catalogue listings. Perfect for expansion 4.6kg rp-£150.00

Believe it or not we have unearthed more collections for

Lot.Town/StateNoteCat. PriceRes. PriceSelectBid
253Bureau Collection.5070 Buros mounted on hand written interleaved pages housed in 4 SG Devon albums. A work in progress with many completed cities. Superb lot_ crying out for expansion 8kg-£200.00
254Bureau Collection 3243 Buros in large stockbook. Plus quantity of 'pre-sort' types. Noted 3 experimental types. Little or no duplication 2.5kg-£125.00
255DLE's. Collectionof 2623 in stockbook Little or no duplication. Nice clean lot 2.5kg-£80.00
256Local T&T. Collection of 2070 in large stockbook. Little duplication. Very nice lot! 2.5kg-£55.00
257Local T&T. Large stockbook with many hundreds_duplication yes_ but good stamps in there and a good Hawaii page 2.5kg-£30.00
258Buro coil pairs. Small stockbook with 204 line_ gap and plain pairs. Great way to start a new collection! 350g-£20.00
259Playing Card Coils 30+3 dups. Very good selection_ with several not priced in Cat. 2 stockcards-£10.00
2602 stockbooks City type coils_ Buro War/DefenceHeavily duplicated DLE's. Can I tempt you? 2kg-£7.50
2613 Stockbooks.With VERY heavily duplicated Buros/locals. The stockbooks are ok! 2.5kg-£2.00
2622 Stockbooks.With VERY heavily duplicated Buros/locals. The stockbooks are ok! 2.5kg-£2.00
2632 Stockbooks.With VERY heavily duplicated Buros/locals. The stockbooks are ok! 2.5kg-£2.00
264Perfins/Prepers2000++ on Hagners and in stockbook. A massive number to go through! 2.5kg-£40.00
265Canada From Vic' to QE2 and beyond 370 precancels_slight dup Good range -£20.00
266France/Belgium 114 precancels_ slight dup -£5.00
267Postcard Precanceled_ Colo Spgs 1920's? -£2.00
2681922 Precancel GazetteJuly issue. Complete-£3.00